Allan Fielding - Wood Turner

500 Year Old Oak Candlestick 17 inches x 8 inches Hornbeam Burr Bowl 11inches x 2 Oak Burr Bowl View One 8 inches x 5 inches Laburnum Tea Lights Burr Oak Bowl With Scorched Rim 8 inches x 4 inches Mulberry Vase 10 inches x 6 inches Lacewood Dish 10 inches x 3 inches Yew Vase 24inches x 8inches Yew Goblet and Mulberry Goblet Oak Burr Vase 7 inches x 5 inches Acacia Burr Bowls 4 inches x 2 inches Japanese Pagoda Bowl 12inches x 4inches Elm Natural Edge Dish 9 inches x 2.5 inches