Allan Fielding - Wood Turner

I specialise in hand turned hollow forms, bowls and vases designed to reveal and accentuate the natural colours, grain-patterns and irregular features found in our beautiful and varied English timbers.

If you would like any more information regarding me and my work please use the contact page on this website to get in touch with me.  If you would like to know where to find me to buy my work please see the Exhibitions and Events page.

I have been woodturning for approximately 30 years and I am self taught.


I belong to the West Sussex Woodturners and Southdowns Woodturners. I exhibit and sell my work at various craft fair events in West Sussex.

Nest Of 3 Sweet Chestnut Burr bowls 18 inches x 5 Mulberry Vase View One 7 inches x 6 inches 500 Year Old Oak Candlestick 16 inches x 8 inches